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Caminando Japan work boots - sz 8,5US

Caminando Japan work boots - sz 8,5US

145 EUR
Caminando Japan work boots

sz 8,5US (42/42,5 - je fais du 43 et elles sont trop petites :( )

Black suede leather / crepe soles

retail < 350 (au jpon donc en Europ, le prix serait autour de 500 .. )

Tu ne trouveras pas cette paire aux pieds de quelqu'un d'autre. Label assez confidentiel, j'ai plusieurs paires et ce sont des boots qui peuvent regarder dans les yeux toutes les marques du genre à forte notoriété.

Ce modèle a vraiment un fort potentiel, workwear comme street heritage, avec une ligne que pourrait avoir une paire de Visvim Virgil. A ce prix, c'est l'ocasion de s'offrir une paire vraiment singulière et increvable.

ici l'histoire de la marque japonaise :

"Caminando was started in 2008 as a Japanese shoe brand in Tokyo. Soon after it was established we expanded its market internationally. We participate in an exhibition twice a year in New York and Las Vegas as well as doing business within Japan. Mexico has become very well know for its shoe making factories and craftsmen. And because we were inspired by the classic shoemaking methods and the history of shoemaking in Mexico, we have developed partnerships with seven local factories with skilled artisans in Mexico. We carefully select the best and most appropriate shoemakers for each line of shoes depending on the model or the design. We can proudly say that our handcrafted shoes have a unique and distinctive appearance which cannot be accomplished by machine-made shoes. Our focus is to reach out to wide variety of people within the fashion industry. We introduce new styles every collection so there are no standard styles. Our shoes are based on Men's“basic styles” and are inspired by work, military, sport, traditional, and contemporary design. By understanding the ability of"basic styles"we are able to produce something new. In other words, we upgrade basics into more fashion toward styles. Caminando is not just a shoe brand from Tokyo but a shoe brand with fulfillment."

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