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Dry Bones black denim chore coat, size 40 (M-L)

Dry Bones black denim chore coat, size 40 (M-L)

110 EUR

Chore Jacket Bry bones jamais commercialisée en France, description complète ci-dessous

here is a vintage style chore coat from Dry Bones. Like a number of other Japanese “American casual” brands out there, Dry Bones is strongly influenced by traditional American work and sportswear. Also like a lot of these brands, Dry Bones pays crazy attention to both quality and detailing, and likewise puts their own unique stamp on these kinds of vintage-inspired pieces. In Dry Bones’ case, that unique stamp is twofold: for one, they’re much more likely to incorporate traditional Japanese imagery and techniques into their clothes than some of the other brands out there. The other is that the brand is pretty heavily rock-n-roll inspired. In Japan they’re known primarily as a rockabilly brand, sort of the same way that Iron Heart is known as a bikers’ brand: they certainly have that clientele, but can easily appeal outside of those circles as well.

So what you have here is a vintage-style chore coat, drawing inspiration from the Lee/Levis/Carhartt classics. Material is a medium weight black denim, perfect for the warmer weather. This one is a bit different in that the patterning is a bit more involved. You’ve got our pocket watch case, pen case, slanted side pockets, red Dry Bones tab on the front, and rear paneling all included. Length is a bit longer than the traditional chore coat as well, which I actually like a bit more.

. I measure the chest at 22”, shoulders at 18”, length at 32” from the base of the neck, and sleeves at 25” from the shoulder. The jacket comes in used but very good shape with no holes, tears, stains or obvious signs of wear. Made in Japan
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